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I Got Bakéd Travel Bags

I Got Bakéd Travel Bags

Please read this entire description before placing your order.

These travel bags are perfect for those on the go. Or simply just to have. It includes a little of everything that Baké Beauty offers. Please remember that this is a limited time presale item that is offered by us. We tried to make the choices as simple as possible.

The Surprise Me option will be items handpicked by us to go inside of your bags. While the custom options you’ll have to leave in the notes.

For example:

Small bags will include a total of 6-8 items. ( 2 soaps,1 body butter, 1 body scrub, head wrap, wrist bands, + more)

Medium items (4 soaps, 2 body butters, 1 scrub, lip scrubs, tools + more)

Large up to 20 items. (6 soaps, 2 body butters, 2 body scrubs, tools such as lip exfoliators head wraps , wrists bands, etc are included, mask powders, hair oil, hair butter, rose water, body oil, and isnt she lovely)

Get started below.

Please specify any allergies or alterations such as specific scents (unscented butters are standard) that you would like in the notes during checkout.

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